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7140 East First Avenue - Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(480) 425-9662 

About Us

About Us

noun, [ah - yer - zoh - nuh]


A term that combines the sanskrit word Ayurveda, the knowledge of life, and Arizona, which is where we ultimately decided to set down our roots.  Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing and prolonging life by restoring balance in key lifestyle areas such as diet, sleep, exercise, and relationships.



Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona
Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona

Dr. Thanki's approach consists in the deep wisdom and tradition of Ayurveda, which addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of sickness and disease. Dr. Thanki eats, breathes, and lives in the authenticity of ayurvedic medicine.  Her deep understanding of ayurvedic principles informs the journey of discovery that she shepherds her patients through.




Dr. Meghana Thanki is a Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale, Arizona who specializes in Ayurvedic medicine. She is a wife, mother, physician, yoga teacher, vipassana meditator, writer, and traveller.  


A red point worn at the center of the forehead that represents honor, love and prosperity.  It was created as a means to worship one's intellect to ensure that our thoughts, speech, actions, habits and ultimately our character becomes pure.


Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona Ayurveda Dosha Imbalance Vata
Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona Ayurveda Dosha Imbalance Pitta
Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona Ayurveda Dosha Imbalance Kapha

A natural, time-honored, and personalized approach toward eliminating disease, restoring balance, and transforming your life.


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7140 East First Avenue Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Tel: 480-425-9662



Imbalance is at the root of every major illness in the modern world.  Understanding the nature of your imbalance is the first step toward developing a healthier, more fulfilling life.


The ancient healing science of Ayurveda offers a clear path toward identifying and eliminating the imbalances that have been holding you back in your life.


Which of these Dosha imbalances sounds the most like you?

Vata Dosha Imbalance Constipation Focus Sleep
Vata (air)
"I'm feeling so scattered"
Imbalance Heat Menopause Anger Skin Rash
Pitta (fire)
"I'm a hot-headed mess"
Imbalance Weight Loss Colds Flu Sinus
Kapha (earth)
"I've weighted too long.."

My day begins but internally I can’t help but feel the windy city within as it swirls around through each and every one of my cells.  I try to ground myself, as I grasp for each thought like the clouds that float by.


I tend to reach for tall salads and ice-cold drinks, on the run, if I don't forget to to stop for food entirely.


As the night wears on, I toss and turn, usually awakening very early, feeling unrested and weightless.

I feel a hot desert sun that penetrates my every pore and builds in pressure from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head like a steam engine.


If I could scream out loud, I might say ‘everyone clear out, I got this under control’  It scares me to know how angry and hot-headed I can really get.


I find myself craving spicy foods, alcohol, and I sometimes suffer from "heart burn" and skin conditions. 

I feel stuck, sticky, slow, muddy, and heavy. I know I should be exercising but I just don't have the motivation.  I seem to put off everything until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.


I can't seem to get out of bed before 9 am.  My thoughts remain stuck and rarely manifest into action.


I'm hopelessly addicted to sweets, cakes, cookies, ice cream and all of those creamy sauces.

5-7pm copy.jpg

"An Introductory class to Ayurveda"

Our goal at Second Nature is to help you balance your life through daily habits.  Many of us are not even aware how much of an impact the little things can have, such as the temperature of our drinking water.

With the help of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and treating food as medicine we can achieve overall health and wellness by slowing down the aging process and learn what it takes to keep our digestive fire kindled allowing us to shed a few pounds.

Included is a copy of Dr. Thanki's book 

"The Ayurvedic Lens."

This hands-on class offers the ability to experience the age old tradition of the "abhyanga massage." You will learn why the application of warm herbalized oil is so powerful and balancing to our nervous system.

Incorporating this self-care ritual into your daily routine will leave you and your skin feeling nourished & revitalized.

Included is a personal 4oz Abyanga Oil based on your dosha from our favorite Ayurvedic skin care company PAAVANI Ayurveda.

Habits of Health

Oil Thyself


What Our Patients Say

"Health is Happiness - Ayurveda and Dr. Thanki have brought my Health and Happiness back!"

"Panchakarma at AyurZona was one of the best things I have done for myself. I would recommend everyone to at least try this once. I felt rejuvenated and energized as well as had an increased clarity of mind. I'm very thankful for having had the privilege of working with Dr. Meghana Thanki and her phenomenal expertise and treatments. I would recommend her to anyone."

"It is a privilege and a blessing to be in your care. Ayurzona has been my safe haven to heal, a warm and safe space for me to share my challenges openly and honestly with no judgement, and so many things about my experience embody a feeling of home and family. Everyone who has been involved in my care has shown me kindness, compassion, respect and support during times when I needed it most."

"I am amazed by the incredible power of natural healing through Ayurveda. Having come to you initially with some very serious addictions I am pleased at the progress we have made in transforming my lifestyle. I have been drug and smoke free for over a year now and have every reason to believe these are life-long changes. You have given me invaluable tools and guiding principles that have been instrumental in creating a new way of life that is nourishing and sustaining. For so many years I was looking for something outside of myself to give me what I have had within me all along. We have come a long way, but I also feel like this is just the beginning and I look forward to the many years to come, including a continuation of your guidance and wisdom."


What The Press Says

Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona Skin Imbalance
Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale Arizona
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